Environmental Chemistry

Environmental Chemistry is the discipline which deals with: The environmental impact of pollutants, the reduction of contamination and management of the environment. Environmental Chemistry is thus the study of the behaviour of pollutants with respect to their environmental fate and effects on the environment. Toxic compounds consist of naturally occurring elements in variable quantities which usually have no adverse environmental effects. The effect of a chemical depends on its distribution, its form and its concentration. It mainly focuses on biological effects of chemicals, soils and bound residues, predicting compound properties and effects, chemical risk and regulatory issues, water quality, wastewater treatment and reuse, drinking water.Chemical species present in the environment are either naturally occurring or generated by human activities. Environmental pollution like water pollution, air pollution is the effect of undesirable changes in the surrounding that have harmful effects on plants, animals and human beings. Pollutants exist in all the three states of matter. We have discussed only those pollutants, which are due to human activities and can be controlled. Atmospheric pollution is generally studied as tropospheric and stratospheric pollution. The gaseous pollutants come down to the earth in the form of acid rain. 75% of the solar energy reaching earth is absorbed by the earth surface and rest is radiated back to the atmosphere. These gases mentioned above trap the heat which result into global warming.

  • Water quality, wastewater treatment and reuse, drinking water
  • Nanomaterials: from characterization to risk assessment
  • Air pollution
  • Tropospheric Multiphase and Heterogeneous Chemistry
  • Biodegradation of chemicals in natural and man-made ecosystems
  • Isotope techniques and application for process analysis
  • Predicting compound properties and effects
  • Chemical risk and regulatory issues
  • Biological effects of chemicals
  • Human exposure and toxicity

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