Plasma Chemistry

Plasma chemistry is that the branch of chemistry that studies chemical processes in low-temperature plasma, together with the laws that govern reactions in plasma and also the fundamentals of plasma chemical technology. Plasmas area unit by artificial means created in plasmatrons at temperatures that vary from 103 to a pair of × 104 K and pressures that vary from 10–6 to 104 atmospheres. Interaction between the reagents in plasma ends up in the formation of ultimate, or terminal, product; these products will be faraway from the plasma by speedy cooling, or ending. The fundamental feature of all plasmochemical processes is that reactive particles are generated in considerably higher concentrations than underneath normal conditions of chemical reactions. The reactive particles that are created in plasma area unit capable of effecting new varieties of chemical reactions; the particles embrace excited molecules, electrons, atoms, atomic and molecular ions, and free radicals. Indeed, a number of these particles will only exist within the plasma state.

  • Elementary plasma chemical reactions
  • Plasma chemical Kinetics
  • Plasma Thermodynamics
  • Plasma electrodynamics
  • Electric discharge in plasma chemistry
  • Gas phase inorganic synthesis in plasma
  • Organic and polymer chemistry
  • Plasma chemistry in Lasers and light sources
  • Plasma Ignition
  • Plasma chemistry and surface processes
  • Ion and plasma thrusters

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